きのころん Mushroom Roll¹ September 2004

One day, a lonely mushroom found himself in an empty village. He named this place Kinokoro¹ Village and whenever it rained he reproduced to create his fellow comrades. After that, mushrooms grew from the refreshed soil and his circle of friends increased to a family of 4.


Mushroom Roll

Kinokoron was the first to come to Kinokoro Village. This boy is truly an airhead. He loves to have fun by rolling with everyone!

Little Shy Mushroom

She is a very timid and shy girl. She always has a blushed face and promptly instantly fidgets. She has a crush on Kinokoron☆

Itty-bitty Mushroom

He is still young and like a kid in a candy store! This boy laughs while jumping and squealing. His favorite is riding around on others heads without asking.

Pointed Mushroom

This older brother has a very kind heart but has a little difficulty with acquaintances. He is not talkative at all but actually he is very considerate of everyone.



Translation Notes
  1. Korokoro (ころころ) means the movement of rolling and koronkoron (ころんころん) is also rolling movement. Korori (ころり) means plink (sound of something light falling or rolling). The name of the village is Kinokoro, which I believe translates to "Mushroom Roll."
  2. Tongari (尖り) means pointed as in pointed as a witch hat. I think the ton in his name refers to how he is more pointed in shape than the other mushrooms.
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