Sirotan's Sewing Box
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"Sirotan" is a merchandise character made by Creative Yoko, similar to Hello Kitty (by Sanrio) and Afroken (by San-X).

"Sirotan" literally means, "Widdle White," the childish version of "Little White." [more information]

Sirotan disguised as Shark-sanSirotan is the name for a cute little young harp seal who loves to disguise himself as various sea creatures among other things.

Thus, the main type of merchandise sold are plushie versions of Sirotan with removeable disguises.

However, with the popularity of the Sirotan character, hundreds of other types of merchandise featuring him are sold, including cups, cell phone accessories, pillows, lunch sets, toys, bags, children's books, a sushi set, and so much more.

Not only is there just merchandise associated with him, but Sirotan has a family, friends, stories, and a world of his own.

Big and Medium Sirotan

Sirotan comes in many different sizes with the respective sizes of disguises. The biggest size is like a pillow (with a length of about 21 inches), the medium is plushie size (with a length of about 8 inches) and the smallest is a keychain size! There are also some variations in between.

Type of Seal: Harp Seal

Gender: Boy

Birthday: August 8

Place of Birth: St. Lawrence Bay, Canada

Favorite Food: fish, ice, candy, milk

Favorite Activities: napping, swimming in the ocean

Hobby: disguising himself as other animals

Dream: to see and travel the world

Disclaimer: Sirotan etc. is copyright by Creative Yoko. I claim no ownership to him or any of his information.