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Welcome to Gyuu, a Mamegoma site. As a character made by San-X, there is a lot of Mamegoma merchandise!

If you mention seals, you know that they are not seen except in the aquariums and television news. But, when a small seal can be raised inside... With that notion in mind, Mamegoma appears! Now, we want to introduce the Mamegoma with fun and livelihood. A particularly small animal mania. A must-see!
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03.10.07 New Mamegoma icons, The Pig Pig Store link.
10.22.05 New wallpaper, Mamegoma emoticons.
10.14.05 New section: places to buy. Updated: adoptions and merchandise.
10.09.05 New media: coloring pages, game, wallpaper, and images.
10.06.05 Site uploaded.

Mamegoma Fanlisting San-X Fanlisting This Mamegoma is part of the Quilting Bee Tea Party Activity.  It was made by Fianna, Bee # 398.


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