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Information: Places to Buy
For all of the merchandise, I included the original price in yen so that when buying this merchandise, you can know if you are getting it for the right price or getting ripped off! To find out the price in USD, you can use a nifty currency converter which has the day to day conversion. - Kawaii Gifts has a wide selection of Mamegoma merchandise. However, the prices are a bit high as they sell the items for double the original price. - Ebay has a lot of Mamegoma merchandise. Not only is there a lot of ones for bidding, but there is a large selection of buy-it-now items. Most of the prices are around the correct yen to USD price or a bit higher. - This is a UK site, but they do ship internationally. The prices are in pounds and they look pretty reasonable with a few exceptions.

The Pig Pig Store - A lot of variety of rare Mamegoma items. Very cute!