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Well, I got the section on Cheese Family from the official Japanese site (SAN-X) and Tom, translated it for me!! (Isn't he the best? XD) Then, of course, my luck, I find another (!!) translation of it. u.u Apparently there is an English site which is the official English people (San-X Net) ... anyway, this site's translation sometimes contradicted Tom' je ne sais pas... o.O ...

Since not everyone has the Japanese font, to view where the origional infomation came from, please go here. It's what the site looks like (but it is a BIG file O.O). For those who do have the font, this came from SAN-X ~ Cheese Family. And, if anyone is interested in the English translation, you can go here for a pic of it, or to the actual site. ^.^

Ownership: It is owned by SAN-X which is part of Kim's Licensing Co., Ltd.

Story | The Cheese Family story.
Cheese Town | This is where the Cheese Family lives.
Characters | Characters in the series.
Family Tree | The genealogy of the Cheese Family.

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